Winds: Beginner Clarinet and Saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone)



Dave Eckman

  Dave Eckman

Dave Eckman is a regular on the Knoxville music scene, usually playing with local bands, Soulfinger and Alien Love Charm. He holds a bachelor's degree in music performance from the The University of South Florida, Tampa.

Whether it's a music teacher, professional performer, songwriter, recording engineer, music producer, or artist management, Dave's extensive experience in the academic and public side of music helps him to prepare his students for nearly any career involving music.

Throughout high school and college he studied classical and jazz, and for 20 years
has been performing in rock, blues, funk, soul, and latin bands. He has been featured on nationally distributed CDs, performed for thousands of people, and taught students of all ages.

Dave's approach to instruction is to teach each student the way that suits them best, with a focus on technical fundamentals and artistic expression. He believes music is more than notes on a page, and that understanding how your part creates the whole, helps the student enjoy their musical experience.

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